Monday, 26 November 2012

Handy Stamps

I had to create an item, sort of like a product, that I would hypothetically give away if I were to promote myself as an illustrator. I made rubber stamps. It was honestly one of the most stressful experiences ever, but that's mostly because I chose to trust the wrong company to produce them. Anyways they came out okay in the end and I can't wait to get them back so I can ink up any and every surface I see.

Am I Collective: First Love

Am I Collective is holding a competition called "First Love". Basically they wanted designs for temporary tattoos, we were allowed to use some of the work from our passed projects so I used the Strong Man from my postcards and re-worked it to relate to the sea. Eventually Am I Collective will upload some of the top designs and winner on their Behance site.


I illustrated four postcards with the theme of "Circus Folk". I tried to combine Adobe Illustrator with water colour. I think they turned out pretty well, I can't wait to get some more printed. 

The Collector's Edition Zine

I published a zine about a month ago. The theme I decided to go with was "The Collector's Edition". I really enjoyed it, I got to go around and interview various collectors and photograph them as well as their collections. 
I also got to meet Angie Durrant Batis, who runs my favourite blog (Lucky Pony). Angie was great and even featured my zine on her blog here.

After I got my zine back from the printers I had to bind it. I decided to go with a combination of book binding and japanese binding. I tried three different colours and in the end I handed in the zine with green binding. 

Digital Painting

My first digital painting, based on a quote from Wuthering Heights. 


Here are some of the posters I worked on in the beginning of the year: